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Keleena is an International Facilitator and Wayshower of Ascension. Part of her work is to awaken the starseeds with the codes she speaks and to lead all souls home to their sacred hearts for healing and finding their authentic selves.
Awake since a child, Keleena has had the privilege of seeing and hearing her guides since she can remember. Many times this has saved her life and the lives of her family.
Through important transitions in her life, she was gifted deeper awakening and activations at the cellular level from her galactic star family of light, angelics, and masters that were preparing her for the work she came to do in service for humanity.
Keleena remembers the time period when her crown was expanding between the age of eleven to twelve with migraines, head pressure, and third eye expansion. She also began experiencing goddess embodiments beginning around the age of thirteen. After the birth of her first child and twenty-two months later after her second, both times she experienced even more of a connection to source and the embodiments of the sacred divine mother. Today the sacred cosmic mother frequency flows through her in all ways for her service work.
Keleena is not afraid to express to the world her fully authentic self as a multidimensional and transformational goddess. She accepts all that she is and, in this state of being, is here to assist others to accept themselves by knowing thyself, loving thyself, and being thyself.
How does Keleena help you with your awakening and ascension process? She utilizes vibrational harmonic DNA key codes through languages of light, sound, and tone to shift your vibrational frequency and raise the octave within yourself and humanity.
As a Transformational Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and New Earth 5th Dimensional Divine Feminine Leader, Keleena facilitates Empowerment through Activations, Healing, and Mentorship to assist the feminine of the planet of all ages to know thyself, love thyself, and be thyself leaving judgment & distorted subconscious fears and old programs behind.
Keleena represents the Divine Feminine Cosmic Mother Goddess Energy in her transmissions, channeling, works, and those that meet her in person feel the divine love energy that flows from her sacred heart. She is referred to as “spiritual mama” by many clients and Sisters of the Rose; she has empowered and activated over the years.
She is an Ambassador for the Galactic Center, Light Language DNA Key Code Breaker & Activator, Light Language Harmonizer, Vibrational Frequency Changer, Raises the Octave, Channel for Source, Full Body Conduit, High Priestess of the Magdalene Sisters of the Rose, High Priestess Temple of Isis, Gatherer of the Earths Sisters of Light, Galactic Shamaness, Psychic, Intuitive Cosmic Artist, Author, and more.
Keleena knows her abilities are endless and wants to help you discover, align and activate your authentic self to become your unlimited potential as well.
The Cosmic Mother works through Keleena, utilizing all the rays of light. She speaks all of the universal vibrational languages of light (light language) in love, assisting and activating your Crystalline Light Body for your awakening and the awakening of humanity, which begins your Purification Process.
Keleena helps and activates all souls, of all paths, at all levels of their awakening process, including teachers. In her awakened DNA cell memories as a high priestess temple of Isis and holding the embodiments of Isis and Mary Magdalene, Hathor, and many more. Keleena flows the initiations and activations for priestesses for the Order of the Magdalene Sacred Sisters of the Rose.
She also activates All Sisters of Light and the Divine Masculine Brothers of Light for their awakening and crystalline process.
Her direct message from the creator source is that she has “returned to lead the people home.” She leads humanity away from the small self, false identity-created programmed ego, back to live from their Sacred Hearts.

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Varies. Scheduling online sessions are through Acuity, and Events are listed on the website. Mentorship time and in-person Sedona sessions are scheduled through email only.

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Keleena has hundreds of testimonials from around the world. (see website) Ascended Master, Personal Guides, and Angelics Keleena channels have Taught Keleena since childhood. She awakened as a child through Cellular Activations and her team of guides. Reiki Master Teacher & Beyond (needed for state requirement) Cosmic Shaman, High Priestess, Psychic Medium, Visionary and more

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