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Greetings Beloveds
Love and Blessings to You!
I’m Tanjila.
My purpose is to support people in their Journey back to themselves, to connect to their Divinity Within.
For too long, we have been taught to be cut off from our own Power and Divinity. Now is the time to relax and remember that You are the Priestess. You are the Priest. Your are the Goddess. Your are the God.
You are the Direct Connection to Spirit and Source Energy. You are Divine!
Your Body is your Temple. Nature is Your Holy Manuscript. Everything you need is already within you.
Through ceremony, meditation, activations, & retreats I am committed to supporting you in your adventure back to yourself as we usher in this Awakening of Global Consciousness.
I am also the Creatrix of SoulSearch, and it is my Divine Honor & Privilege to support Spiritual Practitioners and Spiritual Seekers in building Community, creating Connections, and experiencing Healing and Transformation.
If you have any questions about SoulSearch, please reach out to me for a Heart-to-Heart Connection & Conversation.

About Tanjila

Tanjila is the Creatrix of SoulSearch. She is a long-time spiritual seeker, global adventurer, entrepreneur, and multi-dimensional guide. SoulSearch is the global online destination for spirituality and consciousness, where we can connect with spiritual & energetic healers, teachers, guides, community & courses.
As a serial technology entrepreneur and international economic development & global trade expert, Tanjila has founded several technology businesses and worked around the globe in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Thailand, and Vietnam. Her previous work includes organizing the largest public events in Afghanistan to facilitate exports and developing an online marketplace for international trade in emerging markets. She has been a keynote speaker on international trade and blockchain technology at global conferences and has traveled around the world speaking & teaching about international trade and economic growth in emerging markets.
Her long time spiritual adventures include deep study of the world’s religions & Islamic mysticism, initiation into the Sufi Inayati-Chishti Order, Suluk mystery school training, Heart Rhythm meditation, and much more. Tanjila’s Spiritual Journey lead her to create SoulSearch as a multi-dimensional platform and community for spirituality, consciousness, healing, and transformation. In addition to her work with SoulSearch, Tanjila is committed to supporting others in relaxing into their Divinity Within through ceremony, meditation, activations, and retreats.
Tanjila has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Columbia College, Master’s in International Affairs (M.I.A.) in International Economic Policy from Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs, and Master of Arts (M.A.) in Near Eastern Studies from New York University. She speaks Arabic, Bengali, English, and Spanish. Tanjila frequently travels around the world speaking & teaching, hosting spiritual events, and holding ceremony.

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