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Transform Your Life
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Charley Lamson

Advanced Intuitive & Psychic
Angel & Ascended Master Readings
Holy Spirit Energy Healing
Intuitive Emotional & Physical Healing
Chakra Alignment & Tuning
Sacred Fire Transmutation
Soul Activations
I am here to support YOU in your spiritual journey to help you remember who you truly are.
Sacred Fire Mastery specializes in Angelic Healing, Intuitive Counseling, and Resurrection & Self-Mastery Coaching. Through the power of the Sacred Flames, I work with you to transmute limiting energies into Ascension frequencies for your expansion and spiritual transformation.
I offer in-person sessions in my office in Sedona, Arizona and remote sessions via zoom to explore where you are in your life’s journey and where it is you would like to go. I look forward to connecting with you.
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During our session, we will explore what is happening for you in your life, and I will introduce you to the Sacred Fire for Self-Transformation and Spiritual Resurrection.

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About Me
Through painful and mystical experiences during this lifetime, I have remembered and remastered the ancient Sacred Fire alchemy of old. I have successfully used this alchemy with great help from the Angelic and Ascended Host to transform my life and heal my ancestral karma. As we we are all preparing for our individual and collective resurrection and ascension it is time to bring this mastery back into the awareness of all mankind.
With the guidance of the Angelic and Ascended Hosts, I have developed various effective and powerful transmutation and healing modalities with the use of sacred fire and decree. I bring forth everything I have remastered and personally experienced profound success with, to all on the path of ascension.

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