Keleena Malnar

Keleena is an International Facilitator and Wayshower of Ascension. Part of her work is to awaken the starseeds with the codes she speaks and to lead all souls home to their sacred hearts for healing and finding their authentic selves.

Amanda Romania

Amanda Romania is a visionary international author, and Emmy nominated documentary producer, specializing in spiritual mentorship and empowerment. Amanda is a master in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds in a practical ways.

Charley Lamson

Through painful and mystical experiences during this lifetime, I have remembered and remastered the ancient Sacred Fire alchemy of old. I have successfully used this alchemy with great help from the Angelic and Ascended Host to transform my life and heal my ancestral karma.

Medium Adelita LLC

Adelita is a sacred conduit between the spiritual and the physical worlds, a clear and open channel for spirit communication, easily providing messages from beyond the veil.


Tanjila is the Creatrix of SoulSearch. She is a long-time spiritual seeker, global adventurer, entrepreneur, and multi-dimensional guide. SoulSearch is the global online destination for spirituality and consciousness,


Banah's offerings, available through both video chat/phone and in-person sessions, are designed to facilitate transformative experiences:

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